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Charleston Revival Tabernacle is a love-oriented and family-based Church. We believe, based on the endless channels of prophetic revelations that the Lord continues to speak to us, that a great wind of revival is about to blow mightily upon the Church of Christ.


The Lord has commissioned this ministry with a mandate to set up a stage of awareness for His final-lap revival intent. We hold a mission to teach and reach the world with the message of a world-wide revival, enabling all people to walk in the elements of Kingdom Power.


It is our pledge and passion to ensure that the gospel of this explosive revival is spread and received in all the nooks and crannies of the entire world. We shall employ all possible means and mediums to plant the fire and flames of the revelations of this mighty revival that the Lord has spoken and revealed to us into the hearts of all and sundry.


Moreover, we seek to build a formidable team and network of Ministers and Kingdom laborers for the Kingdom of God. At Charleston Revival Tabernacle, we not only breed followers, we are more interested in breeding dynamic leaders and stewards for ministry. The Lord instructed us that every gift must be discovered, nurtured, and given room to excel! It's happening right now; Wait no more!



Join us as we prepare & equip God’s people for this mighty revival!

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